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Attorney Marketing for Long Island & NYC Law Firms

Attorneys rely on CMO Sync for all areas of marketing, including web design, SEO, SEM, social media management, A/B testing, law newsletters, CLE class videos, live training seminars and courtroom / office technology tailored to meet every need.

ROI | Attorney Marketing Long Island-NYC

Marketing for any law firm /or attorney should equate to the same thing: ROI!

And there should be a good Return On Investment at that.

A 2:1 ratio is CMO Sync’s initial goal and then exceeding that becomes the standard, whether through direct Google Ads, SEO and website content, TV, or social media advertising.

We have worked closely with many attorneys over the years of all sizes, from individual practices to large law firms, and everything in between.

And these lawyers specialize in all areas of law, from employment law, business law, real estate law, to trusts and estates, to personal injury and medical malpractice, to collections, and to employee law.

See our client list for many of our past/present clients.

Q: Are your clients reaching you directly through online searches?

A: Managing your page, its updates, and its articles can push you to the top of the Google search engine.

This is the essence of SEO, or search engine optimization, and it is one of the most cost-effective ways for law firms and attorneys to grow profitable business online.

We continually add relevant media to your web pages, combine social media with custom tailored content and targeted campaigns for your audience’s demographics to get the right consumer or business seeing and contacting your law practice.

CMO Sync uses comprehensive SEO and SEM techniques tailored to your practice, and we are well versed in the New York Bar Association and the many rules that govern Attorney Advertising and company compliance.

Did you know, for example, that you are required by the bar to have a backup of each updated version of your website as owner of a law firm or practice in New York State?

It is true. We keep backups for our clients, but also send one directly to the site owner when an attorney website is redesigned to be complaint with the law and to keep our clients in compliance.

Q: Do the right consumers reach you through the Internet?

A: Showcasing your practice’s specific services and areas of law that are your focus on a customized and viable website can weed out those not interested in your type of law practice and can bring more potential clients that are interested to what you offer.

We have seen this with many of our clients, attorneys and law firms from 1 Penn Plaza in Manhattan (NYC), New York, NY to Long Island’s Suffolk and Nassau County practices, and everywhere in between.

To further answer the above question, you can use paid marketing campaigns or organic marketing, or a combination of them both.

Implementing numerous marketing techniques, CMO Sync can help to bring your business to the right audience & gain new clients directly through steady interaction.

What we Do

Attorney Marketing Needs Fulfilled

If you specialize in human resources elements through business or employer law and need to film live training seminars in sexual harassment with the ability to have questions sent in and answered, we have experience setting up the live online virtual training seminar experience, as well as archiving these things on your website.

If you want to add content to keep your website relevant, SEO-wise, we can write and implement it on the site for you.

If you would rather, we have law firms that provide us with their own articles on laws or case outcomes, they have the law degrees and wisdom after all, and then we can edit their content to optimize it for being found on Google and search engines, like Bing and DuckDuckGo, and we put it live for the client.

Is your social media presence lacking?

We use it to drive website traffic and to grow interested clients for your practice, and we are happy to post for you online and set up pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and more.

How Do You Get Started?

Attorney Marketing

Pick A Path

There are traditional marketing methods, like networking groups, billboards, TV commercials, and more that we can help you with.

We track everything and can help you find the most cost-effective way with the greatest ROI. Maybe it is a traditional approach and maybe a digital one (or both).


Search Engine Optimization

SEO encompasses your digital law firm, your online presence to reach the potential clients that are out there looking for your services.

This method of online marketing tends to yield the best return on investment over time.

Web Design

Your Website

Your website is the foundation of any marketing platform.

It is essential.

People will look you up online before signing on.

We can help ensure your persona is projected in the best possible way.