This inaugural CMO Edge article is aptly dubbed “CMO Edge: Take Advantage of Marketing Trends”, as I feel what is trending can cause your media presence to grow success exponentially.

Who is tuned into #ForceFriday? #MaytheFourth?


How about the Sphero BB-8 Droid?

Still no? Not even for BB8?

Marketing Trends

You should be up on these today. We’ll get back to that.

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I have decided to startup the new recurring column at the Sync Blog and feel the “trend” is a great advantage and place to pick up on our first ever CMO Edge.

Think of marketing as a creative battleground for attention.

With the advocacy of social media schedulers, like Buffer, and pre-planned articles scheduled well in advance, writing timely content is all the more vital to standing apart in a digital world ripe with trending topics that information-hungry viewers eat up.

People crave information now; instantaneous info is the unlimited drug, the Internet is the dealer.

Amidst countless researched news stories, science, reviews, analysis, certain topics resonate so well with audiences that masses flock to their web pages and myriad other sites begin to emulate the experience creating a trending topic that spirals out of control and into everyone’s #Instagram, #Facebook, #Twitter, #Reddit – in short, everyone’s favorite #social network of choice – where you will see it on your portable computer (i.e. #smartphone, #tablet, #laptop) or #desktop while grinding away the day at the work.

Certain keywords from a topic will always be common, wherever the source.

Notice my use of #hashtags. If a word is showing up as trending across a network, make a plan around that word and immediately get to work at attacking that topic.

Put an original twist on something trending, your own voice or attitude, and please people by making your hat appear different, even as it enters the same proverbial ring as all the others out there.

Back to today, which is #ForceFriday, the merchandising Super Bowl for Star Wars and their new movie is here, and I took a unique look at the BB-8 droid and how the toy robot is a must-have, in my own words, for Gadizmo.

When the post went out I connected with Sphero, the droid’s maker, and Star Wars, of course, but I tapped into the HUGE trend and made my own innovative take on a specific part of it.

Then when I later saw a ridiculously cute video that Vanity Fair did on puppies playing with the BB-8, I could not resist adding an UPDATE to the article and reposting it with the dog title for all of the multitudes of puppy lovers that also love the science fiction Mecca, Star Wars.

The Edge is easily achieved: be smart, be timely, and be original (at least give your own take).

CMO Edge is pure insight into what a chief marketing officer (C.M.O.) thinks and will give you an advantage in the media world at large.

Feel free to comment in and suggest topics or to openly discuss the CMO Edge in any respect.

CMO Edge: Take Advantage of Marketing Trends

by RJ Huneke time to read: 2 min