Get Customized Videos Shot & Created On A Budget: CMO Sync’s newest successful branch in the content and media realm includes offering clients quality customized videos, with great sound, in HD (High Definition) starting at $600 (US) or if they are clients often way less than that!

To enable successful marketing campaigns, CMO Sync will often include custom videos for free; for example, a successful Facebook Ad will often hinge upon a powerful and moving message, and videos are proven to be the most effective so they will be included in the Ads cost; see one below:

Recently the team of industry filmmakers at Rune Works Productions have begun to work with CMO Sync to write, direct, edit, and produce videos of the highest quality for very little cost, and they started with the R.J. Huneke book trailer for Cyberwar, featured below.

Director Brian Stone won best drama at the Garden State Film Festival, and he is one half of the team that worked on the Cyberwar Trailer #1 along with Director Gabe Siegal who did an amazing job composing the music for this piece.

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Any length, any idea, and any amount of CGI effects can be utilized by the talented Rune Works team to build a piece of l’m worthy of the screen (any screen, from iPhones to at flatscreens), though the budget can be a limiting factor.

Where many studios come up short is affordability, but not here where a modest budget can still be maximized to produce a quality ick for the business or entertainment industries.

If you would like to inquire as to any of these great services, please contact us at 646-926-1293.

The book trailers have started to be released and future film work is on the way.

Get Customized Videos Shot On A Budget

For more information on the Cyberwar thriller novel please read the following excerpt available on the publisher’s site here:

It all went to hell when the world’s greatest cyber warriors chose to wage war for themselves and not on behalf of the politicians that hired them. Hackers, they used to be called. Somehow the term for “one who hacks a computer” was deemed offensive during the Occupancy War and subsequently placed on the Banned Vocabulary List.

Many decades earlier, at the end of the twentieth century, cyber warriors were defined simply:

1. Cyber-warrior is a person who engages in cyberwarfare for personal reasons or out of political or religious belief.
2. A spy that can infiltrate the highest levels of security
3. Cyber-warriors wage war using information technology and may attack computers or information systems through hacking or defending them from their counterparts.


There was an overlong shadow just outside of the Devil’s Shed. The facility’s alias was local folklore; the graying storage container’s door had what looked like two demonic horns of rust near the top. No one in town knew its real purpose.

William Waltz squatted just below the enormous demonization and waited patiently. His face was covered in grease to eliminate any glare that the rain might make on his skin; this was nothing unfamiliar to him, as his father had a career as a bike mechanic and in his short life had shown ‘skinny William’ the value of getting dirty when it served a purpose. Thirty years of grit had made him a world-class locksmith.

The code magnet had to pull enough of a reusable ocular scan from memory to fool the door’s access scanner. The lock’s subterfuge, a functioning power switch box, hung open from hinges. The box’s red handle remained in the “O” position as a decoy.

Waltz held the B9 scatter pistol as though it was glued to his right hand, and he stood utterly still. In the sweeping rain, the only streetlamp was a good fifty yards away, and though the glint of its light could be seen in the drops that clung to the silenced black barrel, he was effectively invisible if he did not move.

Twenty minutes had already passed this way. The customized code magnet would infiltrate the scanner’s memory sometime within twenty-five. Come on already. I really have to take a leak, he thought wryly. Sitting still was not one of his favorite tasks.

Get Customized Videos Shot & Created On A Budget

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