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Are You Gaining New Business Through A Marketing Agency?

Are you making a good return on investment? ROI is key!

Do you use Social Media services in your online campaigns? Google Ads, SEO, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter?

Let Social Media, SEO + SEM Effectively Drive New Clients Your Way So That You Make A Return On Your Investment.

This is the essence of New York Marketing Long Island, from those who have worked NYC to Montauk to Madrid and everywhere in between!

Local New York Marketing Experts

Let our New York marketing consultancy grow your company.

We are local, based in Silicon Alley, in New York City & Long Island NY, as part of CMO Sync, which began in 2007.

TV and radio are not often yielding as big of a return on your investment as online marketing. We are experienced in TV, infomercials, billboards, movie trailers, and all of that, but the web is where more than 50% of Internet consumers are visiting through their phones.

By having your website gain more of the right traffic through organic SEO (we write, design, and deploy content) and social media campaigns, and then more traffic from the paid marketing side through on-demand lead generation with targeted Google Ads campaigns and/or the much less expensive Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter Ads campaigns, your company can reach new patrons each month.

And the new business can be measured, reported on, and the best ROI-yielding methods can be continued and scaled out to give you all of the best options for growth.

What does measured marketing mean?

As your CMO, we will analyze all of your efforts practically.

Do all of your individual ads have a unique phone number, or identifier tag?

If not, we will help you prove where your new business came from, so we can measure all the sources and work with you to choose what makes the most for you.

Through content, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) techniques, our CMO’s can be a viable part of your marketing team.

When the Google Ads are out of your budget, we will tell you not to waste your budget, because the numbers will not yield the activity needed for your business.

When Yelp, HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List tanks, but Facebook/Instagram Ads give you great results, we will measure them versus the cost, cut the campaigns that do not make sense, and expand where you can make the most from your marketing.

How Does A New York Marketing Company Work For You?

Though our clients stretch across the globe, we have many local clients in close proximity too. We are a local marketing Long Island, marketing NYC, and marketing New York company. 

The Business Development team at CMO Sync brings a New York business consultant for using SEM, SEO, online advertising, and any type of marketing, including Social Media for Business to gain new clients and sales.

At CMO Sync we take a pragmatic approach: we want to get you new business, a measured ROI, not just Facebook ‘Likes’!

Our social media strategy

Our social media strategy and social networking will exemplify your business and project its success out into the world and online.

There are many social media companies, but not many that have personal social media marketing experts that are local to New York and are on-hand to answer your questions.

We strive to get the pulse of your business and present it in the digital world in the best way possible to do more than branding, but to do social media management for a return on investment (ROI).

Growing Website Traffic

As a social media consultant, CMO Sync and The Social Media Business works so that your social media manager and your social media marketing plan is steadily growing web site traffic in your demographics each month so that over time the right numbers of the right potential new business clients find you easily with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Our Unique Focus

Other social media marketing companies may promise social network marketing and a lot of online followers, but we focus instead on the business of social media, where a social media strategist can get people to contact or visit you or call you directly.

To do this we incorporate organic traffic and paid advertising traffic campaigns. We measure your budget, your cost, your gains, and your ROI!

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