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We Are Local SEO Long Island-NYC Specialists

We act as the CMO for your business, and as a local SEO company, based out of Long Island-NYC, we can speak to you directly to ensure that your business continues to grow and surpass its potential.

What is it all about? Getting the highest ROI from your online marketing efforts.

SEO Internet marketing is an integral way to take your online business foundation, your website and your Internet presence, and make your product viewable in Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing search engine rankings.


Get The CMO Sync SEO Evaluation To Ensure You Are Getting As Much Business As Possible

We can give you the comprehensive SEO Analysis you need to determine your current online state.

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SEO Long Island-NYC

Our SEO work is innovative: 

We are a firm dedicated to achieving your business goals, first and foremost.

We will not give you elaborate KPI’s alone, smoke and mirrors, but we will give you that detail if you want it, and most importantly we will focus on the results of our SEO business strategy for you, so that you can see growth and then with a practical plan, you can take the next step and scale out to improve your measured online marketing ROI.

Writing Content

We are professionally published writers that can use this talent to craft the best content for your brand, your SEO, and your image.

Web Development

Web design is essential to SEO. We can help you make the most of your website online.

Links & Backlinks

Links & Backlinks to and from your website, internal and external linking, is essential to proper SEO prowess and achieving the level of site traffic you need to gain new business.

If your site’s previous backlinks were not with relevant sites, Google could declare them toxic and banish you from the search engine rankings.


Do you have your business website in a Content Management System, like WordPress? It can make it far easier, quicker, and less costly to make site changes if you do.

Intranet Design

Want a company Intranet built? We have experience in making these essential tools for success. If an Intranet allows your team to promote your business through social media, email, and other ways online, you can help promote and bolster your own SEO too!


We know it!


We can code with the best of ’em to ensure the site crawlers make the most of the SEO prowess instilled in your website.


Having a CMO from CMO Sync at your side, means you can talk to an expert in the field, a full stack marketer familiar with your account when you need.

This personal touch can make all the difference in a consultant-client relationship.

We remain in contact to keep you abreast of any situations that can arise as the Google and Bing algorithms constantly change and evolve, and we stay on top of things to ensure your brand excels.

A CMO perspective means we will talk to you in laymen’s terms, relate the SEO information to you, and take the next steps to ensure success.

SEO Made Easy As 1…2…3…

Let us handle your SEO practices and prove to you that we can use this approach to get you more business online.

SEO Evaluation

We can give you a thorough audit of your website to let you know if it has any flaws, vulnerabilities, or areas for improvement.

Content Plans For SEO

We can consult on and craft social media campaigns and writing content, deployed on your web pages and networks, for maximum effect.

Ready to get started?

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We Are Local SEO Long Island-NYC Specialists

As A Company How Do You Plan Out Your Online Growth & ROI? With An SEO Plan!
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