Simplification, persistence, and dedication breed success in business and art alike, and the comparisons can yield a lot of interesting methods for myriad applications.

Now let’s examine that last statement.

Coming from two vastly different areas of the world’s culture, business and art, there are numerous similarities in how to succeed in your craft, and the tools, the methodology, formed can bridge so many different aspects that formulate extraordinary gains.

Simplification is a tool that is all the more integral in today’s society where the mind is bombarded with incessant streams of information, from news and entertainment media to research, whether that absorption of info is voluntary or involuntary.

You see not having a television is not enough to completely stop the ow of information, as phones, computers, and advertisements (which are on everything from coffee cups to billboards), and so going the Henry David Thoreau route of setting yourself alone in the woods to write a masterpiece, like Walden, becomes absurdly difficult, almost futile, at least for an extended period of time.

This inevitability in the way we work, whether it be toward art or business, with information makes a simplification process essential.

There has to be focus to our actions. Making a plan of organizing tasks, research methods, and entertainment allows you to take control, so you are no longer drowning in an overwhelming waterfall while trying to get to the heart of your goals and how to accomplish them in a timely manner.

In art, inspiration and research are often intertwined with the inner muse to expunge from the soul a piece of oneself reflective of the artist’s goals.

In business, whether it be a one human operation or Fortune 500 company, the practical working processes, research, and the methods of accomplishing the processes’ end goals seek to procure business in a positive light.

And again, whether it is one person or a million, data and a thriving information culture in much of the world, rooting out what it priority, what is urgent, and each step simplified to its basest level to achieve the desired goal is a phenomenal means to stay focused and set up a process that works to success on a canvas, a piece of paper, or in the conference room.

Simplifying everything can achieve the world, but perhaps no one is buying this world you o er, what do you do then? Persistence pays o a million times over!

Do not tarry. Take your goals and fight over and over again to make them known. In art, sometimes finding a means to share your own “Starry Night” with the world is the hardest part. Persist in getting critiques and pushing your work forward.

It is the same in business, where contacts and making people understand or work with you to achieve a goal is difficult. Push on and do not delay in attempts to better the work or in moving it forward.

The last part is simple: in order to be successful you must embrace the work and the battle to keep things in focus and to persist to move them forward, and this can only be accomplished by the dedicated.

Get involved in work that you feel strongly about, and make the world a better place by being the dedicated individual that burgeons success.

If everyone were dedicated, the world would be a far better vessel for humanity.

Simplification, Persistence, Dedication Breed Success in Business & Art Alike

by RJ Huneke time to read: 2 min