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Getting Business From Social Media

Getting Business From Social Media is the first and last thing you need to remember throughout utilizing an online advertising agency and consultantcy, like CMO Sync on Long Island and NYC, to help manage your business’ social media campaigns.

Likes on Facebook, ReTweets on Twitter, and hundreds to thousands of followers on Instagram and/or LinkedIn are all great, but how much new business are you tracking from these networks?


The Difference We Make

Our consultation process is different, in that we aim to achieve your goals, from contests’ exposure to wide ranging branding and growing your presence online with more engaged followers, but our primary function is always going to be to use social media to drive direct business your way.

Tracking Social Media

How much site traffic is coming from some or all of your social media platforms?

Are calls coming in?

Are those reaching your site spending significant time on there, indicating they are engaged and therefore, the right audience to become new clients for you?

You Can Make Money Using Social Media

We use trackable links, phone numbers, and analytics reporting to ensure the social media networking achieves our primary goal of ROI and also the great appearance of your branding having some of the best stand-out content posting for your business type, your location, and your fan base’s interests.

Deploying social media builds momentum over time and that traffic, for your site and networks, result in interested clients getting in touch with your business. Measure it long-term, over months, quarters, years, and see the ROI grow!


1st Method For Social Media Business Gain: Organic

That’s right, folks! Posting on social media networks, linking your website pages and promotions, and creating crafty calls to action are what will over time steadily grow your organic site traffic and engagement in terms of calls, sales, clients, or whatever monetary goals you set out to achieve.

2nd Method For Social Media Business Gain: Paid Ads

As a local social media Long Island-NYC company, you can speak to us in person or through telecommunication whenever you need your branding adjusted or your new message promoted to the fullest.

The immediate way to gain new business from social media is through their paid advertising programs.

Facebook / Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn advertising all can generate a generous 2:1 and up ROI due to their having such a lower cost per click or cost per impression than Google Ads.

The efficiency of this model is constantly varying as the ads platforms themselves evolve from changes at their companies; e.g. Facebook tweaks their ads at least a few times a year.

The ceiling in terms of scalability is sometimes reachable, because the audience and traffic available are lower than Google Ads, but there is great potential for nearly any business using social media advertising with the right consultant, and CMO Sync is currently offering a starting point price of $299 for a paid social media ads campaign.

Yes! Posts Help SEO!

Social media traffic is a huge factor in getting your website’s content out into the world of potential clients, and so it is essential for SEO.

As a local social media Long Island-NYC consultant, we can build your networks from scratch (for no charge when you sign on) or we can take on well-established campaigns and hone them to perfection!

Our goal is for you to thrive!

Want To Hear A Success Story?

Once upon a time, a young account manager took on the account of what would become one of Manhattan’s hottest barbecue restaurants.

By using specialized techniques in a social media account database, full of James Bond-like tools for things like this, they were able to search every lunch time and see who within a few blocks of the NYC spot was asking the Twitter-verse ‘What should I have for #lunch?’ or ‘I’m headed to Mickey-D’s for a #burger’.

With that info alone and a fatty foodie picture of a massive BBQ burger, he could then tweet the folks and ask them if they would not rather be eatin’ the goodness from the BBQ a few blocks away.

And it worked! People headed down, and even mentioned the pic as they ordered the same!

The campaign cost a few hundred a month.

But the many new customers, a lot of which worked nearby and became regular patrons, led to a return on investment that only grew as time went on.