The Human Approach: Speaking with numerous business people, of all shapes and sizes, that are succeeding, despite the innumerable advertising budgets of many corporations making up the New York City skyline and their competition, it seems the human approach to marketing business, a profound simplification, can resonate with potential clients more effectively than the walls of ads.

Simplification requires trimming down a business to its essence. What do you do? Who do you help with your services?
Where are you doing business? Where do you want to do business? Where do you want to go?

The human approach takes core values from each of these questions and utilizes free media, social media, to reach the people of the world seeking what you o er so well in your specialty.

Online the universe is infinitely smaller and more local, but that does not mean that someone wants to do business with a mega-corporation and get passed around like a wrinkled buck from employee to employee just to attain information for your insurance plan or your law case or your driveway maintenance.

So many great local business owners provide attentive care that far supersedes that of their colossuses of competition, because the agent working for that owner now will likely be there helping the clients years from now; people get personal attention.

In short, human beings like to be treated like they are human and that a human being forms a business relationship with them and will continue to help them through that.

Good small, medium, and local business owners already provide their expertise in your area, whether it is your town of Oyster Bay, or your county of Suffolk in the state of New York.

The point is that experts are helping people and giving them the attention they deserve, but those new potential clients that are seeking help and services need to find these successful businesses.

Social media, Google and the search engines online, and effective web sites and online marketing campaigns can place a business in front of exactly the right client.

And often at little or no cost.

It is true a successful effort to bring in business online takes time and effort, but social media offers networking for free, across the world and the local neighborhoods.

Social media broadens the reach of a web site and your business standing on Google where 90% of the world’s plugged in populous is searching for someone that will take care of them that is likely nearby and will be there a few years in the future should help still be needed.

An online marketing campaign takes time and slowly but surely develops a larger and larger audience that finds the right clientele.

To do this, you need to show that you and your business are human, online, meaning that you provide a wealth of information to clients and potential clients, alike, as well as present yourself in a more personal manner than that of a set of skyscrapers and their robotic tweets and messages.

There are constantly evolving facets of making your business appear more human online, while simultaneously achieving the optimal SEO (search engine optimization) across all of your web pages to find yourself on the Google, or Bing, search page when someone looks for that exterminator that uses all-green eco-friendly products and will actually call them back from New York and not a call center in Australia.

Educating yourself on branding in a more human way online goes a long way to resonating with people, and employing SEO, social media, and simplification techniques to break down your goals and your attributes can greatly build over a year, maybe less, maybe more, a client base coming to you from your local client audience nearby that found you online.

C.M.O. Sync prides ourselves on consulting to help any type of business that does not have the time to achieve these aims themselves come to the promised business land in a cost-effective manner.

This method is not instantaneous, but it is a long-lasting and far less costly endeavor than compared with traditional media, like TV, or even Google AdWords, which requires a tremendous budget to work toward the ROI (return on investment).

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“The Human Approach To Marketing Business: Simplification” was written by R.J. Huneke.

The Human Approach To Marketing Business: Simplification

by RJ Huneke time to read: 3 min