The Power Of Facebook Reviews & Ratings: with over 2 billion people in its network Facebook is one of the world’s leading social media websites and 2 billion people bring a lot of business to Facebook Business Pages.

Where do reviews play into converting Facebook consumers to your business, whether you are an artist or an insurance firm?

Well approximately 92% of Facebook users will likely use your business if you Rate a 4-Star Review average or higher, so 5-Star Reviews seem important.

But wait . . . if your business rates at 2-Stars or less, less than 30% will do business with you. So the negative reviews greatly impact your business as well.

There are over 800 million daily Facebook Messenger users [Forbes], and it is clear that Facebook is used for more than just social interaction between friends and family. 80 million people use Facebook Messenger. 80 million!

These 80 million people contact a lot of local businesses to ask questions and to make purchases. My wife’s source of healthy pet treats is a local Long Island business that will put treats aside for us so that they do not sell out before we can pick them up.

We buy and converse through Facebook Messenger and the local business reaps the rewards, as do we the happy consumer and as does Indiana our Dalmatian pup. Angry customers will find a Facebook Business Page and write a review and these are often few and far between if you provide a great service to your patrons.

By asking those who are happy with your work to write a review for you, the Facebook Reviews Rating will soar with 5-Star Facebook Reviews and you will get more Likes, engaged followers, and more new patrons that try out your business for the first time.

By giving happy patrons an easy method to leave a review in less than a minute you can easily harness your fan-base and set yourself apart from others on Facebook, Google, and in your field.

Getting More Facebook Reviews Boosts Businesses To The Top Of Google.

9 In 10 Consumers Have Read Online Reviews To Determine The Quality Of A Local Business.

Who hasn’t gone to Amazon and rifled through the customer reviews before making a decision on acquiring something online? Well 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.

Power Of Facebook Reviews & Ratings

by RJ Huneke time to read: 2 min